30-Day Stress Awareness Challenge

Join us every day throughout April and commit to making one small change each day for 30 days

“Small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest steps of your life.”

Taking one small step on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your mental health. Adding one goal into each day is an effective way to increase motivation and help you to create the life changes you want. They might seem like little things but when you take the time to break these things down into little sessions of progress, it makes it seem a whole lot easier to reach the bigger picture.

We know how hard it can be to get motivated or how sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything. This is why we have created a 30 day wellness plan to help set you on the right track.

So why not join us on our 30 Day Stress Awareness Challenge throughout April and start introducing a bit of wellness into your days.  

Let’s Get Started

Step one: Download The 30-Day Stress Awareness Challenge Calendar

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Step three: Check in here each day throughout the month to get tips and advice on how to put into place each challenge.

DAY 1. Thursday 1st April: Start a gratitude journal.

A great way to reduce stress is to write in a gratitude journal. It is a personal place to record goals and achievements as well as make lists that will help prioritise tasks. It is always a good idea to finish the daily entry on a positive note to boost your mood by jotting down 5 good things from your day. Find out more about today’s challenge……..

DAY 2. Friday 2nd April: Increase your water intake.

Many things can aggravate or trigger anxiety and dehydration is one of them. When our bodies are dehydrated they do not function as well.  Find out more about today’s challenge ………

DAY 3. Saturday 3rd April: Write down 5 positive things from your day.

Writing down just five things each day that you are thankful for, will make you more optimistic and therefore automatically happier. Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 4. Sunday 4th April: Do a 15 minute relaxation exercise.

Relaxation is the exact opposite of tension which means, that if you practice relaxation on a regular basis, many of your symptoms of nervous tension will disappear. After a fair amount of practice in relaxation, you should have no difficulty falling asleep and your sleep will be deeper and more restful. You will also find that you have more energy for work and play. Find out more about today’s challenge….. 

DAY 5. Monday 5th April: Go for a walk.

Just by putting one foot in front of the other, you can do you and your mental health a real favour. If you would like to find more about how walking can reduce stress and lower anxiety, check out more about today’s challenge …..

DAY 6. Tuesday 6th April: Start a new hobby.

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to ease anxiety or stress. It gives you something enjoyable to focus on, at the same time taking your mind off anything negative that you may be experiencing. Pleasurable pastimes can be a good way to calm down an overactive mind, alleviate anxiety and lower panic symptoms. Find out more about today’s challenge…..

DAY 7. Wednesday 7th April: Listen to a motivational podcast.

Listening to a podcast instead of watching a screen encourages you to use your imagination which automatically stimulates your brain. You may be interested to read why one of our service users did just this and went on to create her own series of podcasts. Read Natasha’s story on mental health & podcasting…..

DAY 8. Thursday 8th April: Exercise for 15 minutes.

When we exercise our body releases endorphins which are hormones that make us naturally feel good. Exercise also increases our body temperature which can have a calming effect. Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 9. Friday 9th April: Watch a funny film.

Laughter is a powerful,  free medicine, so why not take advantage and flick on the TV or dig out that old DVD, find a good comedy and laugh, laugh again and then laugh some more.  Find out more about today’s challenge…..

DAY 10. Saturday 10th April: Write down 5 things you like about yourself.

The way we speak to ourselves actually has the power to become what we believe. Writing this down on paper makes it even more real. Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 11. Sunday 11th April: Do a 15 minute breathing exercise.

Everyone tends to think that breathing comes naturally and that there can’t be a wrong way of doing it. Unfortunately, that’s not true. There is a right way and a wrong way and it is essential that correct breathing is learned, understood and established.  Find out more about today’s challenge…

DAY 12. Monday 12th April: Tidy out a drawer or cupboard.

Life can be stressful enough without having to contend with having your house in turmoil too. Keeping your home tidy and clean is not only good for your health but also good for your mindset.  Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 13. Tuesday 13th April: Do a word or number puzzle.

Studies have shown that doing word or number puzzles can be a great way of reducing stress. By focusing on a single task from start to finish, can give a huge sense of achievement and boost self-esteem. This is not the only advantage of how testing your brain can be good for you. Find out more….. 

DAY 14. Wednesday 14th April: Set a goal and achieve it. 

Pick one goal. This is important! You can only achieve your goals if you focus on them one at a time. Find out more about today’s challenge…

DAY 15. Thursday 15th April: Declutter your wardrobe

Let’s face it, going to the wardrobe is probably one of the first things we do each day. Seeing clothes in an orderly manner is easier on the eye which automatically causes less stress. Find out more about today’s challenge…

DAY 16. Friday 16th April: Dance that stress away

Do you find it hard to get motivated for a session at the gym? Then find out more about today’s challenge here…

DAY 17. Saturday 17th April: Send a happy email or letter.

We all love to know that someone is thinking of us. That is the reason why your happy words or positive vibes could touch others deeply making all the difference to how they feel. Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 18. Sunday 18th April: Practice mindfulness.

Practicing meditation or mindfulness each day can improve one’s physical health as well as one’s mental health. Mindfulness helps us manage our emotions and at the same time decreases stress, anxiety and depression. Not sure where to start? We can help. Find out more here…..

DAY 19. Monday 19th April: Catch up with a friend.

It is quite often underestimated just how much a good chat can have a positive impact on your day. Find out more here…..

DAY 20. Tuesday 20th April: Pamper yourself. 

Today’s challenge will be different for everyone. ‘Pamper’ can mean anything from a walk in the country to a relaxing bubble bath.  Find out more about today’s challenge…

DAY 21. Wednesday 21st April: Text a joke or funny story to 5 contacts.

Laughter is contagious and lifts you up instantly. Find out more about today’s challenge………

DAY 22. Thursday 22nd April: Donate to feel great.

You might be surprised at the benefits of donating to a charity shop. Find out more about today’s challenge…..

DAY 23. Friday 23rd April: Have a games evening.

You might be surprised of the benefits from playing board games. Find out more about today’s FUN challenge….

DAY 24. Saturday 24th April: Write an inspirational to do list for the coming week.

Sometimes on waking we can be daunted by the day ahead. All those tasks that lay waiting! If this sounds familiar and you’re feeling anxious about all that needs to be done. Stay calm there is a great way to get on top of it all. Find out more about today’s challenge……

DAY 25. Sunday 25th April: Try a bit of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of staying in the present moment. Scientific studies have proven that by practising mindfulness or meditation regularly you can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Find out how to get started……

DAY 26. Monday 26th April: Listen & Sing to your favourite music to reduce stress.

How often have you heard a song that brings back immediate memories of happy/sad times? You are instantly transported back to times gone by and the emotions are vividly relived. Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 27. Tuesday 27th April: Plan & cook a healthy meal.

Find out why what we eat plays such an important role in how we feel in today’s challenge.

DAY 28. Wednesday 28th April: Compliment everyone you meet.

 Just by saying a few kind words to those around you will make all the difference not just to their day, but your’s too. Find out more about today’s challenge…..

DAY 29. Thursday 29th April: Have a video call with a family member

Video calling might not be as good as meeting up face to face but it’s the next best thing. Find out more about today’s challenge….

DAY 30. Friday 30th April: Plan your own 30-Day challenge for May

YES! We made it. 30 small challenges have made one big month of changes. Well done!!!

You can give yourself a good slap on the back for taking little steps each day for the benefit of your own mental wealth. All that is left to do now is plan a new 30-Day challenge of your own for the month of May. And don’t forget:


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