Who’s Who at No Panic

Management Committee

Keith Stenning is the chairperson of No Panic. He deals with some of the day to day running and all complaints. He also takes an active role in training volunteers for the helpline and support service provision.
Lynne Frederick is the vice-chairperson of No Panic. She looks after the publicity and content creation for the website. She is also one of the trainers for the volunteers and provides some of our support services.
Chris Scott is No Panic’s Helpline Recruitment Officer and Honourable Secretary. She also interviews all prospective volunteers.

Wayne Senior joined us in 2016 and is a trustee of  No Panic. He is an enthusiastic member of our management team and runs our online support chat service.

The Office Staff

Michelle D’Ambrosio is No Panic’s Office Manager. She runs all of the day to day operations of the charity and its office. She has a special emphasis on the volunteers and the fundraising.
Nicky Brown is No Panic’s Membership Secretary. She organises all support services and supports the membership with all administrative matters. She also deals with helpline recruitment and helpline support groups.