Make No Panic your Charity of the Year

One in six people in the UK will experience a mental health issue every year. Anxiety is so widespread and can affect anyone and whilst more and more people are speaking about about their own experiences there just aren’t the services available to help. Long waiting lists and expensive private treatment mean that services like ours are filling in the gap that has been created.

We believe that no matter who or where you are you should be receiving the support you need when you need it.

If you are looking for a charity to support You can help us provide this much needed support by making us your charity of the year!

We work closely with our partners, keeping them updated on how their support has helped the charity and keeping you informed on news and developments within the organisation.

£3,000 will allow us to continue our support in schools and businesses ensuring we provide support to employees/employers, teachers/students & parents

£6,000 can ensure we can help  30 mentor clients to get support they desperately need and wouldn’t otherwise get.

£10,000 ensures our helplines remain operational for a year answering thousands of calls to those who have no one to talk to.

Please consider making us your charity of the year! Your support will make a huge difference to the charity and our service users.

Please email Michelle at or call 01952 680460 for more information.

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