Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and grow continuously throughout a person’s life. This fairly recent discovery contradicts the popular belief that the brain wears down over time, becoming fixed in its ways as we grow older.  Like any physical muscle, the brain gets stronger the more you use it. Which is all the proof we need to show retraining the brain is one hundred percent possible.  

The brain is a pattern-seeking device. When you learn things, your brain sends messages from one neuron to another. By doing the same thing over and over again the brain eventually makes a pathway between the neurons, which then makes whatever it is you are doing easier and easier. For example;  Imagine that you are mowing tall grass between two hedges. The first pathway through the grass will be difficult and you will need to push the lawnmower very hard. The second attempt will be slightly easier but the more often you follow the same pathway, the simpler it will get.  This is just like neuroplasticity, the more often you do something with your mind the easier it gets as the brain will remember the pattern it has used before. 

Another example of neuroplasticity at work is: When we first learnt to read at school it was done gradually. By repeating firstly letters, then words they became more and more familiar. No magic wand involved, just going over the same thing time and time again was all that was needed. 

So now we know that however difficult something may seem, anything is possible with practice. You are in charge of your brain and you can learn anything you like and also change your way of thinking. So now let’s look at what you can do on a daily basis to retrain your brain and reduce anxiety, panic as well as changing your way of thinking from negative to positive:

  • Be grateful whenever you can.
  • Practice mindfulness/meditation. 
  • Write a positivity diary.
  • Be kind to everyone, including yourself.
  • Focus on all you have instead of what you would like.
  • Set goals and persevere.
  • Learn something new. 
  • Remember you can do this.

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