Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is written in accordance with current data protection legislation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR). If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.

  1. All information on No Panic Member’s, Volunteers, Staff and Trustees (past and present) is kept on our access databases. We keep full names, full postal addresses, phone number(s), email addresses, disorder information, membership joining date, membership renewal date, information on what paid services have been used in the past and present and a separate list of duplicate information for our contact book. Details are only kept as provided and details duplicated for our contact book are on an opt-in basis only.
  2. Details are updated as new information is presented by the information provider.
  3. If you wish to view your details you may contact us and request it by speaking to a member of staff on the office telephone. Similarly if you wish your details to be removed please speak to a member of staff on the office telephone number.
  4. No Panic does store customer payment details. Credit and debit card details are used over the telephone to pay for merchandise and services. PayPal is used to pay for merchandise and services online. Cheques and postal orders are accepted with orders by mailing. Cheques and postal orders are securely stored at No Panic’s office before being banked. PayPal sends only the required merchant information to us for processing orders and any refunds are done through their secure system. Full Credit and Debit card information captured during the call is destroyed after a confirmed payment through our physical payment machine. Two receipts are acquired from the card payment machine; one is send directly to the customer and the other is kept along with a physical copy of the order for accounting and financial monitoring. Merchant Receipts and order copies are held for seven years then shredded at the No Panic Head Office.
  5. All information stored physically is shredded at the No Panic Head Office upon its due date of destruction.
  6. All access to data protected by No Panic has a limited access to No Panic staff and trustees along with trustee authorised volunteers.
  7. Data access is by password only.
  8. Online back-ups are taken by ACE Computer Support and stored in encrypted files.
  9. The main access database is partially archived in line with active memberships each month. Archived information is kept for seven years before it is deleted.
  10. Email addresses and names are captured from emails requesting help and information to be added to a mailing list for support and information about No Panic.
  11. Mailing lists are opt-out. If by email by a simple click on the included link, if for our quarterly newsletter by a phone call to Head Office.
  12. We use cookies to make our website work better for you. Cookies are small data files that are sent from a website to your computer or mobile phone. They are stored on the hard drive of your device. If you’d like to learn more about cookies, we recommend the About Cookies website.