The Impact of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD is not simply washing hands or checking. OCD is far more than that. It can be crippling and stop people from living the lives that they deserve. Attending work, having meaningful relationships (especially romantic relationships), even just having friends or pets, OCD can take over people’s lives. Children and young people can drop out of school, be paralysed by their symptoms and even miss out on education due to the condition.

It can also lead to isolation, being unable to live alone, use the toilet or result in having to shower for over an hour before going out, then finding one has to do the same rituals repeatedly.

The power of OCD is immense and the impact of this disorder can be life-changing but, you are not alone and OCD can be overcome.

Check out this video where Ashley Fulwood CEO of the charity OCD-UK shares his expert advice on this subject and more over on our YouTube channel 


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