OCD in Young People and the Effect on Parents

Anyone can suffer from OCD, this includes young people and children. In fact, a lot of adults with OCD find their first symptoms started at a young age. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can have a profound effect on a child’s ability to access education (many young people feel that they can’t cope with the pressures of school or college), making friends (avoiding peers so that they don’t see the performing rituals) and relationships with parents who might not fully understand the disorder.

A youth or child that has been diagnosed with OCD will hopefully be sent to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) They can help you to get on top of your symptoms and go on to lead a normal life. Waiting for a CAMHS referral can unfortunately take a long time. So in the meantime support is available over at OCD-UK. They have a Youth Ambassador scheme which you can access here.

If you are a young person with OCD speaking out might be difficult but you are not alone. Speak to your parents, relatives, friends, teachers or doctors until you find someone who will listen. If you find it difficult asking for help, perhaps you could write a letter like this: To someone who cares

Check out this video where Zoë, the Children, Young People and Parents Lead for the charity OCD-UK talks about OCD in children and young people over on our YouTube channel 


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