A lot of the time No Panic and OCD-UK find people talking about ROCD (relationship OCD) or POCD (paedophile OCD) as if they were different to other types of OCD. The list in fact is endless – COCD (contamination or checking), SOCD (symmetry OCD)… the acronyms quickly become meaningless and divide the community. The fact is that whatever flavour of OCD you have, it’s still OCD.

There are also physical compulsions that we don’t see – whether it’s asking for reassurance (I am the master after all) or someone with paedophile thoughts checking to see if they are aroused amongst children.

The fact is that when it comes down to it, you have OCD. The type doesn’t matter – the treatment is the same. By trying to find a therapist specialised in your own particular type isn’t helpful and hinders access to therapy. A good therapist (and there are some out there) will be able to treat you whether your fears are harm OCD, contamination or homosexuality OCD (another acronym we see, HOCD).

So our message would be this (and this blog has been largely inspired by Ashley Fulwood) – until there is scientific evidence for doing so, let’s stop separating out OCD based upon our symptom type and remember that together we are stronger. Together we can take steps to beat this disorder for once and for all.

Check out this video where Ashley Fulwood CEO of the charity OCD-UK shares his expert advice on this subject and more over on our YouTube channel 


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