No Panic Anxiety Support Chat

By Wayne S, No Panic volunteer

In August, No Panic launched a new weekly support chat for members. Three months later, the chat has grown so popular, that we are splitting users into two groups. Having two groups instead of one means that even as new users join, it will be easier for participants to be heard, and it will be easier for participants to give and receive support. Each group has a Monday chat session. Group A will be between 7 pm & 8 pm, and group B will be between 8:15 pm & 9:15 pm. 

Group B is currently full, but there is plenty of space in group A. All users who join our Anxiety Support Chat in November will be placed in group A. 

In our Anxiety Support Chat, we discuss anything and everything related to anxiety. No Panic members share their experiences of anxiety and great tips that have worked for them. Relevant to the current time, we have discussed managing anxiety through the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on managing anxiety as restrictions change, and how we consume news. Pre-Christmas anxiety is something else we are likely to discuss in the coming weeks.

We use Discord to provide our Anxiety Support Chat. Discord can be used via the Discord app or the Discord website. On computers, the app claims to use less energy than the website.

The No Panic Anxiety Support Chat is open to all Members of the charity. If you would like to attend our No Panic Anxiety Support Chat, please contact the No Panic Head Office on 01952 680460 or drop Nicki an email at you will then receive instructions on how to participate. 

On the Monday of the chat you wish to attend, you will receive a link to the room. Once you have attended your first session, you will not need a link to attend future sessions, as our chat server will show up on your Discord account for as long as you are a member.

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4 thoughts on “No Panic Anxiety Support Chat”

  1. Hello living alone~

    And then staying with an older sister in London,
    I’m suffering struggling from severe anxiety and panic attacks.
    Food is a problem in that it feels huge I struggle with eating.
    And how I feel towards everybody I don’t know what is going on. It doesn’t help relationships probably aren’t as good as they should be right now.
    I feel quite alone and sometimes feel so tired and confused.
    My mum has also recently been hurt by myself because I was isolated in trouble I didn’t know what to do . I was alone

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