Today I Choose Me.

By Lanji Candles & Kirsty Riddell

Kirsty came across Lanji Candles through the Solo Craft Fair’s virtual online market on Instagram, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Kirsty and Suwi realised their shared interest in discussing mental health and their priority to promote well-being within their practice. They wanted to combine their separate disciplines to create something that would calm the senses and relieve stress through the use of scent, colour and light. 

Each box contains a pack of 8 Lanji Candles tea lights with an affirmation card and two of Kirsty Riddell’s hand drawn glass tea light holders. For the candle scent, Suwi wanted people to feel warm and safe. With autumn rapidly coming she also wanted scents to go with the season. English pear and vanilla; a warm and inviting fragrance which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Black fig and amber; a punchy wooden fragrance which can help improve relaxation. For the drawing of the glass tea light holders Kirsty focused on the ideas behind the Zentangle Method, where the drawing is free from conscious intention and reaches its own conclusion within the process itself. Kirsty used the Pantone colour of 2020; Classic Blue, for the balance of positivity and calm it represents. As this difficult year draws to an end, these tea lights offer an opportunity to reflect on what has been a universally challenging time.

Suwi and Kirsty chose to donate 10% of every box towards the charity ‘No Panic’. They both have experience of dealing with anxiety in their lives and are very interested in how ‘No Panic’ offers help to those suffering with anxiety to find tools to cope with their condition.

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