The Beauty of Tears (Why crying can be good for anxiety)

‘Why so sad?’ ‘Why the long face?’ ‘You’re so much prettier when you are smiling.’  And some other such questions and comments came to me as a child.  Perhaps you heard them too.  Really?  What are we supposed to do?  Explain? Share our pain?  I don’t know about you but I like to cry in private.  When I am feeling sad, bad, mad or hurt, sometimes I just need to cry it out.  If I am feeling worked up over something that has caused me to feel anxious or overwhelmed I feel better if I cry.

Crying means that feelings are moving through us.  It means that our hearts are human hearts made of flesh and not stone.  They feel.  Those of us who are empaths or highly sensitive know this already and those of us who aren’t will also know the relief that tears bring.  It hurts to feel bad in one’s self, to experience pain, grief, shame, self-doubt or anger that has turned inward.  While we can’t cry on cue, if we do cry as a result of our powerful feelings by the end of the day or by the time the sun rises on a new day we will be feeling better.  Even a little lighter.

If we can remember in the moment to be kind and gentle with ourselves as we would with a little child or a friend we will find the calm centre in the tornado of feelings and be reassured that ‘this too shall pass.’  I know that some things don’t simply pass.  A chronic illness, loss of a loved one will not pass, for example.  But as wisdom says if you want guidance, enquire within.  We often need quiet time with ourselves when heightened emotions come at us.  If we can get ourselves to a space such as a place of worship or the park, we can allow our feelings a healthy outlet through tears if need be.  

And when they have come, we can acknowledge that we were courageous to be with them and strong enough not to have given in to greater despair.  In this way, we can open up once again to the free-spirited hope that lives inside of us.  This is but one way of looking at the beauty of tears.  I am sure that you have shed your own tears and have your own story to tell.  

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Mary Peters

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