Stress Awareness Month: How do No Panic’s Trustees and Staff cope with stress?

No Panic asked its Trustees and staff how they cope with stress for Stress Awareness Month. See their responses below:

Chris Scott

To cope with stress and anxiety I find just having a chat with my friend helps to take the seriousness out of it, also breathing exercises really help and listening to a relaxation tape helps calm me down. Walking my dog helps me to feel calmer and forget about feeling anxious and to tell myself life is for living.

Lynne Frederick

These are the things that help me.
I do find the relaxation and breathing help. I have to drink decaf coffee because I can feel edgy if I drink the ordinary coffee. Also I have to eat regularly as I can feel quite unwell if I miss regular meals.
Also walking my dog, who tends to walk quite quickly helps me feel much better
Also music and gardening. When I am doing something in the garden I am absorbed in what I am doing.
A good television programme that makes me laugh or just having a talk with someone.
I love music and reading or decorating are all things that you can focus on and not think about any worrying or stressful things helps.
Cooking because you need to be focused on what you are doing and it is relaxing.
Looking after grandchildren as it is quite hectic sometimes. We do a lot of drawing and making things.
Working and studying – I forget about the time.
Knitting or sewing.
I like driving and getting out helps a lot.
Shopping (but not food shopping)
If I can switch my thoughts onto something else I can feel my anxiety decrease.
Working on my computer or writing – letters or articles

Michelle D’Ambrosio

Spending time with pets.
Spending time working on hobbies.
Having pamper days.
Shopping on a quiet day.
Socialising with friends and talking about it.
Watching a movie or reading a book.

Mark Rees

I find my stress relief in relaxing in front of the TV or on the computer. I also find working on coding, websites and spending time with my animals relaxing.

If you’d like to find out more about No Panic’s staff and trustees, please look at our who’s who page.

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