Man up, Man down

A great deal is being written, said and more importantly, done pertaining to Mental Well-being of late.
Long may it continue. In fact, it has become (or becoming) acceptable to admit that anyone of us is struggling with life.

Take for example, “modern day man” who could not be any different from that of 20 years ago, because “back in the day” men in particular, did not show feelings because men were not supposed to have them.

Depression? Get over it.
Anxiety? You’re weak.
Feeling down? Man up.
Man up!!
Man up??
Keep it hidden, suppress the feelings and suppress the fears.
He’s okay on the outside. Everyone thinks he’s happy because he’s successful and everyone thinks he’s successful because he’s happy.
He’s not waving, he’s drowning.
Can’t tell his work colleagues as he’s “not allowed to feel how he really feels”.
That’s not part of the deal.
He cheers everyone up, he makes them laugh and besides, “he’s got more bounce than Zebedee”.
We don’t want a Robert we want “Fun Time Bobby”.
Tears of a Clown.
He’s angry about yesterday and he’s worried about tomorrow.
When the only release and relief he gets, is when he climbs into bed at night, pulls the covers over his head…another day over, another day to face…
He’s not waving, he’s drowning.
What he needs is a drink that will cheer him up.
Just have one and go home to the wife and kids.
Have a “skinful” and go home to the wife and kids.
It doesn’t matter. Let the drink do the work.
He’ll feel better and all his worries will dissipate.
He won’t, they don’t.
He’ll go to bed with the same issues and awake the next day with those same issues. Snakes and ladders of the highest order and he keeps landing on those snakes.
Got to face the world again.
Life is just a series of daily negotiations.
Puts on his mask, its okay, he’s okay, he can do this…
Nobody need know. He’s not waving he’s drowning.

It’s like a game of Blink. Someone finally speaks bravely into the silence and its okay. It’s okay to admit you have a problem and you need a bit of help. A problem shared is a problem halved. It’s a start and it’s true.

For each complex problem, the solution is surprisingly simple. Speaking bravely into the silence is the starting point. A long journey, a painful journey awaits but a shared journey. Surrender to win. Speak bravely into the silence. 1:4 adults suffer with a Mental Health issue. Look around your workplace. Do the Maths.

When you next speak to someone, ask them how they are? And mean it. Someone you know is struggling with life right this moment and needs a bit of help. Your help. Help you can easily give. You could even save a life.

Thanks for reading. Darren

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