Kindness: The character strength we could all flex a little more

By Ruth Cooper-Dickson

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love” sang Jackie DeShannon. The world we live in right now demands that we love each other more and demonstrate deeper kindness, a strength we all have the ability to flex.

As a positive psychology practitioner, I have been using character strengths for several years as an intervention with my clients. Kindness is classified as a character strength in the ‘Values in Action’: a scientific positive psychology questionnaire, which is free to complete and download. The questionnaire is built on research taken from religions across the world and philosophical teachings across three millennia. Understanding our character traits brings an awareness to our own values and awareness of our core beliefs. 

To find out more and read Ruth’s complete article follow this link over to BALANCE MEDIA

Ruth Cooper-Dickson
Is one of No Panic’s fabulous patrons, a Mental Wealth Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner and the founder and
managing director of Champs Consult.

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