Hospital and other related Phobias

The beginning of a phobia usually follows periods of stress and often starts after a final trauma. “The last straw, which breaks the camel’s back” or after a first panic attack which appears to come out of the blue. In the early stages of a phobia, sufferers feel frightened when in a particular place or situation, without knowing exactly why. Whenever they go into a particular place or situation they experience an overwhelming feeling of impending disaster and feel a compulsive urge to escape from it. Sufferers do not know why they are afraid but the feelings of fear that they experience are very real.

A phobia is actually a fear of fear because sufferers are not really frightened of any particular place or situation but are frightened of the feelings of terror that they get when they are in those places or situations. This is known as the “what if” factor and consequently sufferers avoid more and more situations and places just in case “what if” occurs. Needless to say, it never does nor ever will happen but sufferers cannot bring themselves to take that risk.

Hospital Phobia

Hospital Phobia is a very common fear. The great majority of people experience a certain level of anxiety about hospitals that might revolve around the fear of pain, injury, blood and being under the control of strangers whilst separated from the family, etc. However, when the fear becomes irrational to the point where necessary treatment for an illness might be avoided, then the phobia has to be dealt with. This phobia may also revolve around things associated with hospitals such as white coats, nurse’s uniforms, or hospital smells. 

Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia often occurs on its own but can be associated with a fear of blood, injury, or maybe part of agoraphobia i.e. agoraphobia being the fear of being trapped or anywhere you feel unsafe thus, a dentist’s chair could fall into the ‘trapped’ situation.  Read more here

Blood Phobia

Many people have a natural tendency to feel uncomfortable at the sight of blood. A mild fear of blood is fairly common in both children and adults. Approximately one to two million people suffers from this, making the fear of blood one of the most common phobias.  Also there is a feeling of fear that the person might faint.   This also involves a fear of being injured or of medical procedures such as blood tests or injections.

Injection Phobia

The problems regarding injection phobia usually centered on the sight of the needle itself or contamination from a previously used needle.

Anticipatory anxiety

People worry and are anxious before appointments or facing their feared object or situation and often think the worst is going to happen, cancelling appointments or avoiding the situation they fear.

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    I thought I have hospital phobia because I’ve experienced some small surgeries, but from the content above, maybe it’s not like what I feel -> I don’t have hospital phobia.
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  3. I have a fear of going into hospital and have turned down appointments as I have become so anxious and had panic attacks. I have had some therapy sessions by my doctor but obviously not enough to cure me as I have recently had a really bad bout of IBS which has laid me low for a whole week not being able to keep off the toilet and then finding it hard to start eating again and the anxiety and panic feelings get worse and uncontrollable. From finding this website I am now going to use the relaxation techniques to see if I can help myself.

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