Blue Monday

Today, the third Monday in January, is supposed to be one of the most depressed days of the year, Blue Monday.

Currently trending on Twitter among other places. So why doesn’t anxiety and depression respect this? Because they’re an illness and don’t discriminate based on the day of the year. So No Panic is sharing its top tips to have a good day.

  1. Relax – Being relaxed is the opposite of being anxious, if your relaxing then you won’t be getting more anxious.
  2. Breathe – Take a breath and take some time to focus on something so simple that you forget about it so often.
  3. Thought Control – Thinking too much on your anxiety and its symptoms can prolong and increase your anxiety.
  4. CBT Basics – Use the basics of CBT to alter how you react to situations and your own anxious thoughts.
  5. Ask for Help – Ask for help when you need it, call our helpline, message our Facebook page or email us.

No Panic wishes you an anxiety free Blue Monday and hopes that you find some of these techniques helpful.

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