Youth Helpline and Services

The No Panic Youth Helpline

0330 606 1174

(Normal landline rates are included in minutes and free call packages)

Do you need to talk to someone who understands how you feel? If you are aged 18 years or younger and need help with anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder or any other anxiety related problem then this helpline is for you.

Our trained help liners are waiting to take your call.

No Panic’s Youth One-to-One Mentoring Recovery Programme is a 6 week, one hour per week telephone course with a No Panic Mentor. We use cognitive behavioural therapy to develop an understanding of the relationship between thoughts, feelings, actions and physiology. It also explores interventions that youths can make in relation to changing their way of thinking and behaviour towards fear by using desensitisation techniques. The programme also focusses on goal setting. We encourage youths to look at all aspects of their life and to focus on the key goals that will improve their wellness. We coach on how through simple goal setting and regular self-appraisal, individuals can take personal responsibility and regain control of their lives.

One-to-One Mentoring Programme for youths

This is a membership for those aged -18. For those aged under 13 please consult the youth helpline first on 0330 606 1174.  

By becoming a youth member of No Panic, you will have access to the No Panic Youth One to One Mentoring at a reduced cost.

Become a Youth member

For more information  email us at

The No Panic Youth Helpline is open between 3pm and 6pm Monday to Friday and 6pm and 8pm Thursday and Saturday. You can phone it on 0330 606 1174.

No Panic has partnered with the Shropshire Young Health Champions and Shropshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group who support the Young Health Champions to develop a Youth Helpline.

This helpline is for those aged -18 years old as well as parents or caregivers who may have concerns over a young person. We can help with anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and the specific anxieties that young people of this age can experience.

This is a confidential helpline service. Our volunteers that work on this youth helpline are DBS checked.