Youth one-to-one mentoring


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Feeling anxious when going through difficult times, sitting an exam or starting a new school, moving house, or parents separating is all perfectly normal. What is not normal is when the anxiety takes over. When it interferes with your day-to-day life or when it stops you from doing everyday things.

No Panic’s Youth One-to-One Mentoring Recovery Programme is a 6 week, one hour per week telephone course with a No Panic Mentor. We use cognitive behavioural therapy to develop an understanding of the relationship between thoughts, feelings, actions and physiology. It also explores interventions that youths can make in relation to changing their way of thinking and behaviour towards fear by using desensitisation techniques. The programme also focusses on goal setting. We encourage youths to look at all aspects of their life and to focus on the key goals that will improve their wellness. We coach on how through simple goal setting and regular self-appraisal, individuals can take personal responsibility and regain control of their lives.

Youth Mentoring is available to those with a Youth Membership at the reduced cost of just £10. This is specifically for those aged -18 years old. (If you are +18 please use this product.)

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