How Writing Helped My Anxiety

By Linda Jacobs

During lockdown, I decided to put pen to paper. I wanted to help and reassure other anxiety sufferers. Remembering my own contact with General Anxiety Disorder, I started to handwrite my previous experiences down in black and white.

Until you suffer from anxiety and suffer it is, it is very hard to understand the terrifying ordeal that it subjects you to. It knocks you off your feet, makes you question your life and has you begging for resolve. I went from being an energetic, pro-active mum to a petrified puppet in seconds. I became afraid of being afraid and had no desire to continue the nightmare I found myself in. For me at the time I found solace in knowledge and I remember that I found certain books on anxiety helped me through my battle. I decided that I wanted to write a book that did the same.

So that is exactly what I did. The self-help book I have written is to reassure the many amazing anxiety sufferers out there, that there is a way through the challenges that they may be facing. I hope that in these uncertain times, the reader will be able to acknowledge and understand what is truly important for the effortless flow of a simple, conscious life. That they will become aware, that regardless of outside adversity and unpredictability, their inner presence remains.

In our current climate, it is all too easy to let our thoughts overrun. My book steers you away from the collective drama and points you towards the awareness within yourself and the present moment. I give first-hand advice that I hope may be helpful in overcoming anxiety and accepting adversity. I share my own experience with anxiety story, normalise behaviour and give faith for a complete restoration. I also provide uncomplicated information with a hint of humour and very simple techniques that can transform any situation.

Anxiety can be debilitating, therefore the book is written in a simple, larger format making it easier to read. My anxiety has transformed me in ways I couldn’t imagine. It has been an incredible teacher and I have made a full recovery. This has now opened up a new world for me and I am enthusiastic to point others in a more peaceful direction. After publishing ‘Here And Now’, I was again urged to continue writing. I had found a passion for life and wanted to awaken others to the life I was living. Spiritual awakening came later to me in life, just when it was supposed to. So I went on to write another book. Today I live a life with complete ease. Through acceptance and awareness, I understand how to live a conscious life. It was with the realisation of unconsciousness, that I began to observe new ways to live. I found the truth in the present moment and noticed that many live in a fictitious, conditioned, thought led fantasy. I hope by living a conscious life myself, it points others in the direction of acceptance and awareness, which in turn brings fulfillment and abundance into their lives.

I wish that my new book ‘Fearless’, relays to you, that you already have everything you need to live in contentment. I feel so privileged to observe my journey and have faith that if you too have a curiosity for enlightenment or have started to question the dysfunctional human ways, that something you read in my books may resonate with you.

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