A little Moment

By Elaine

I had a “little” moment, it went on for far too long.                                                             

I struggled to make sense of it, all reasoning seemed wrong.

It seemed whichever way I turned, it was the wrong direction.                               

Though now I’ve come to realise, I needed self reflection.

I am not all to everyone, I cannot fix what’s wrong.                                                             

I felt as if I could somehow, it always made me strong.

Though now there’s not much left for me and I am just a shell.                                         

A former shadow of myself, my life a living hell.

I tried so hard to help them all, I forgot one important thing.                                         

By giving so much of myself, I’ve nothing left to bring.

So try to remember this one point – when all is said and done.                                 

When times are hard and battles cry – look after number one.

For from the strongest, battle point, you are really fit and able.                                     

If you take note of this true prompt – your cards first on the table!

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