Muscle Relaxation MP3

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Availability: 68 in stock


This download is a guided progressive muscle relaxation that will help you release tension, manage panic attacks, relieve anxiety and even aid in falling asleep. It is good for everyone of all ages. Relaxation is the exact opposite of tension which means, that if you practice relaxation on a regular basis, many of your symptoms of nervous tension will disappear. After a fair amount of practice in relaxation, you should have no difficulty falling asleep and your sleep will be deeper and more restful. You will also find that you have more energy for work and play. There should be an improvement in your concentration and mental alertness. Deep relaxation is a skill that is not learned in a day – the more you practice the sooner you will feel the benefits. This program is designed so that, by learning the difference between tension and relaxation of the muscles, during the program, you will be able to notice when you are getting tense or anxious in everyday situations and you will then have the ability to get rid of the tension and anxiety by relaxing the appropriate muscles there and then.

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