Fast-Track Mentoring Programme


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A fast-track service for members of No Panic with little or no waiting time. This is a course of one hour per week for six weeks, a one-to-one recovery programme with one of our trained mentors.

We use the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy to develop participants’ understanding of the relationship between thoughts, feelings, actions and physiology.  Each tailor-made course teaches the tools, coping skills and life changes needed to recover from all kinds of anxiety disorders.

Our programmes focus on goal setting. We facilitate participants to look at all aspects of their life and to focus on the key goals that will improve their wellness. We coach on how through simple goal setting and regular self-appraisal, individuals can take personal responsibility and regain control of their lives.

We coach our participants on the principles of general mental wellbeing and the development of a wellness continuum that focuses on wellness strategies. Our programs aim to develop a participant’s understanding of the underlying principles of mindfulness and gratitude and how they can apply them in their own lives in simple and practical ways to enhance and maintain their mental wellness. Participants are encouraged to continue to develop their learnt life skills and in order to maintain their own mental wellbeing on an on-going basis.

Whilst no therapy guarantees success, this method at the present time has a high success rate.


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