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Do you ever wonder why things happen, how things keep happening and how life, however short, is never enough? Do you leave in your wake a stream on unfinished projects, friendships broken and enthusiasms disappearing? Hopefully, this book and these words may help you move forward, or stand still depending on your plans for the rest of your life. Even by standing still, you are moving forward, just the recognition that you don’t want to do something is a forward step. Staying the same takes more effort than changing in some cases. Doing what people expect takes less effort than doing what you want to do – they are rarely the same.  I am never going to suggest that anyone follows the paths I have taken, no, there are much better ways of dealing with everyday everything, or maybe there isn’t – have I done everything I’ve ever done right? Of course not………..have I learnt more from doing things wrong more often than when I’ve done them right? Yep, that’s the answer! So it’s a question of looking, learning and listening to every success and every failure you may have, at the same time it might be worth thinking about how we measure success, what do we see as being an achievement. Using a small steps approach to things means you can often pat yourself on the back, encourage yourself and feel good about what you have done, lots of people won’t have done the same as you, lots of people for example struggle to get up in the morning, getting up, showered, ready for work, etc is a success in itself, whereas others don’t see that as an achievement as that is something they find easy. Only we as individuals can know what we’ve struggled to do, and while it may be hard to accept it, our peer group has different difficulties………….

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