I write to thank your organisation and various helpliners for support, sound advice and patient counselling that I have received.
After a life time of suffering from phobias, anxiety attacks and occasional OCD everything spiralled out of control last December and I developed Agoraphobia and could not leave my house even to put rubbish out in the bin by my back door! I developed an irrational fear of sound, of all things, and kept checking that there was none around me.
In a few weeks, my life was out of control and I was fearful, anxious and depressed that I became suicidal, although I did not actually attempt to end my life. I thought about it constantly and I believe that I may well have killed myself in despair if it had not been for the help I got from your helpliners. I am also a great believer in the power of prayer and self-healing.
Jean in particular, (a help liner in London) cheered me up one bleak December Saturday morning and helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have trouble now recalling exactly how bad I felt but, I realise that despite feeling better now I must be vigilant as I am prone to stress. Jean reminded me that I must practice relaxation therapy and be aware if I am under strain, so as to avoid falling back again. God bless you all. Thanks to Jean and the other help-liners and to yourself at head office and all the staff. You are my good Samaritans.


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