I would just like to express my thanks through the newsletter, to all the helpliners who have helped me to recover throughout this year. I started suffering severe anxiety in March, but discovered No Panic early, and have received so much support, understanding and good advice since that time. At my worst I was calling several times day, but some of the helpliners were so wonderful that I will never forget what they said to me. Along with a greater understanding of anxiety, the main thing they gave me was hope that I could recover and the reassurance that I had the strength to do so, even while I found it hard to believe that I could ever be well again.
I still haven’t recovered completely, and am always aware that I need to keep practising the skills of relaxation and positive thinking that I’ve learned from No Panic. The recovery group was also wonderful. Thanks to Lynne and my fellow group members for such a memorable and positive learning experience and thank you to No Panic without whom I can’t imagine how I would ever have recovered this much.


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