I was informed by my GP that there was a 1-year waiting list to speak with a counselor. And so I contacted a solicitor friend of mine who was on the tail end of completing a counseling course. She very kindly offered her help and support (thank you Margaret) and it was through Margaret that I became aware of No Panic.

My GP was aware that I am an anxious person generally, therefore I was most disappointed that I had not been offered medication or alternatives as support to help me through.

I now use herbal tablets for support, along with a herbal heat pack which I place around my neck at night, it is 18 inches long and goes in the microwave for a recommended time of one and a half minutes. From this, I get a comforting feeling and it often helps me relax and go off to sleep.

I also purchased a CD from No Panic called Deep Relaxation. I have found the CD to be most helpful and continue to listen to it each day as recommended.

I am seriously thinking about changing my GP.