Beyond The Mask

Hi, my name is Nicole Greenwood, and I am from Blackpool in the UK. I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks from a young age and over the years I have found that the use of Photography as a way of therapy, has really helped me overcome some of these struggles.

When I moved to Carlisle University in 2018, it was a nervous but exciting time for me as I had never lived away from home before. At first, I really struggled with anxiety and panic attacks and was later diagnosed with depression and OCD and given counselling and medication to help with this. Over the past 3 years, I have really struggled with my own mental health, but it has made me so determined to want to help others who have the same mental health struggles as me. I would love this project to show people how much photographic practice has helped me with my own mental health and how others may be able to use this as a way to help themselves too.

For my final project at University, I have decided to use my own mental health story as a way of documenting my life through lockdown which has been a huge change and shock to everyone’s life over the past year.

Below is an official artist statement from my current work ‘Beyond the mask’.

‘Beyond the mask’

Nicole Greenwood Photography, 2021

Nicole Greenwood is a portrait photographer based in the North West, UK. This series of images named ‘Beyond the mask’ gives an insight into Nicole’s own struggles with mental health problems which she has had to deal with from a young age, whilst taking on a journalistic approach. By documenting each day in lockdown with the use of self-portraits to reflect her own emotions in this project, this allows a more personal element and a way for the audience to connect with Nicole.

“I’ve struggled during lockdown especially with my illness, anxiety and depression. I’ve felt alone a lot of the time even being with family. I’ve struggled to find the motivation to take photos and have felt quite isolated so this project has really helped me to express my feelings and emotions and I hope this project shows people who also struggle with mental health issues, how art/photographic practice can be used as therapy to help with these feelings.”

Nicole Greenwood, 2021

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