Distraction Techniques

We all know desperation, fear and pure anxiety. Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by these feelings that they will never go away. It is important to remember that anxiety and panic don’t go on forever, we thought that it would be useful to put together a list of useful distraction techniques. Give them a try (everyone is different) and let us know how you distract yourselves and what works for you)

  • Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea
  • Take your phone outside and take some arty photographs
  • Go out on your bike and fall into rhythm with the pedals
  • Write a short story (add humour if possible!)
  • Watch a funny film
  • Have a go at some adult colouring books
  • Try a short mindfulness exercise
  • Take a relaxing bubbly bath with candles
  • Go for a walk and name all the different colours you can see around you
  • Go for a run – whether that’s a marathon or a five-minute jog
  • Listen to some loud music and have your own dance party!
  • Do some yoga
  • Do some art – from doodling to masterpieces, just pick up a pencil!
  • Have a Spring clean with your favourite music blasting in the background
  • Sort out your wardrobe and donate unwanted items to a local charity shop

Distraction Techniques for Anxiety & Panic PDF

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