Corporate Membership

No Panic is pleased to announce that we now offer Corporate Memberships at a reduced rate.

What is included in your Corporate Membership?

✓ Access to our One to One (£25) and Group Recovery (£20) Services

✓ Access to our Befriending group Service & coffee afternoons

✓ Access to our Member’s Only Facebook Group

✓ Access to our Monday evening online support chat group

✓ Access to our email recovery program (£25)

✓ A Year’s Subscription to No Panic’s monthly support emails

✓ Optional access to and inclusion in our Contact Book

✓ A discount on buying stocked items from No Panic by post or phone

✓ A free copy of the Extended Beginner’s Guide to Anxiety

✓ A free No Panic Wristband

We are offering our Corporate Membership at a reduced cost of £20 per head for 20+ employees

For more information, please contact Nicky at or call 01952 680460

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