Anxiety and Winter

As the days get shorter, some people tend to find their anxiety heightens. Research has proven that this is due to light sensitivity. Which makes sense as there are less daylight hours as we move through Autumn into Winter. 

So if you are someone that feels more anxious or down as the year passes by, what can you do to help yourself?

  1. Get outside:  It is very important to make the effort to venture out as much as  possible. Wrap up warm if needs be but take the plunge.
  2. Eat well:  A healthy diet will boost your mood and give you more energy. Don’t be  tempted with ‘comfort foods’.
  3. Exercise: Staying active is very important as it is a fact that Exercise reduces anxiety.  When we exercise our body releases endorphins, otherwise known as ‘the  feel good hormone’.
  4. Stay occupied: Make the most of the long evenings by taking up a new hobby.  Whether it be in the comfort of your own home or joining a group somewhere else.  Keeping your mind occupied with something new is a great way to ward off  rumination.
  5. Communicate: Don’t keep unhappiness locked away. ‘A problem shared, is a  problem halved’. Talk about how you feel either with friends and family or with a  support group like No Panic.

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